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Wedding Tipi - Photography by Images By Lou O'Brien
Wedding Tipi - Photography by Images By Lou O'Brien
Party Tipi -  Shae Estella Photo
Party Tipi -  Shae Estella Photo
Party Tipi -  Angela Cannavo Photography
Party Tipi -  Angela Cannavo Photography
Party Tipi -  Angela Cannavo Photography
Summer Showcase 21 Shae Estella Photo-60_websize
Why should we choose Tipi Luxe?
  • We have proven ourselves over and over again to be professional, reliable, caring and honest. This is why our services are sought after by QLD's top wedding and event professionals. Nothing is too much trouble - we are here to serve!

  • We only stock genuine Nordic event tipis. This is because they are tried and tested structures that have been used in the events industry world-wide for over 25+ years. Unlike with the cheaper copy-cat Nordic tipis that have just appeared on the rental market you can be confident that our genuine tipis will provide you and your guests with the safest and strongest protection from the elements when you need it most!

  • We have extensive experience. Our tipi crew is the best in the business - we have 10 years experience in the field, building tipis in all weather conditions and all terrain types including beaches, hilltops, gravel carparks and tight spaces so you can trust them to get the job done! Plus they are great guys who you will love having around and who will take amazing care of you!

  • We understand how important it is to be able to respond quickly if you need assistance. For this reason we have chosen to only service the Sunshine Coast and surrounds. That way if you need help we can, and will, be there at your side . . . no matter what time it is! Whether it is a smoke cap that needs adjusting or a side that needs to be lowered – you can count on us being there to provide assistance! 

  • We have back up tipis in stock and great relationships with other tipi companies so no matter what happens we will be able to provide tipis for your event!

  • We know the local wedding industry and its suppliers inside out! With detailed knowledge of local venues and fellow industry suppliers….we can help take the stress out of creating your dream wedding!

How much do your tipis cost to hire?
Our Tipi brochures and pricing can be found here.
Are your tipis weatherproof?

Yes, our tipis are totally weatherproof! Combining modern technology with the traditional design principles of the nomadic Sami people’s “kata” our tipis are built to withstand stormy weather conditions.

Do you stock white tipis?

No, we have deliberately chosen to not stock white tipis. This is because due to the way the tipis are built it is impossible to keep a white tipi canvas looking clean​! We would much prefer to supply you with a gorgeous tan canvas than a dirty-looking white canvas!

What should I look for when choosing a tipi site?

There are a number of important things to consider when choosing your site, including:

  • Does your prospective site have good access for 4WD vehicles with long trailers? This is essential to ensure your tipis (and our wonderful crew) arrive at the site safely. (NB. Our equipment can weigh in excess of 3.5 tonnes so steep, gravel or grassed driveways/accesses with tight corners will need to be checked for suitability and safety).

  • How exposed is the site? Is there a protected site nearby that you can use as a back-up plan in case of severe weather?

  • Is the site free from underground services (electrical cables, water pipes etc)?

  • Is the ground level?

  • Is the ground well drained and free from flooding?

If you do have any questions about the suitability of your prospective event site then please call us. Additionally, if the site is nearby we are always happy to carry out a free, no obligation site visit.

How much space will I need for the tipis?

Each of our Giant Tipis has a diameter of 10.3m with their sides down or 13m with their sides raised. The exact space required will be dependent on the number of tipis you require and the configuration you select. Please refer to the "Floor Plans" page for precise measurements of each of the available tipi configurations.

How many tipis will I need for my event?

As a guide, each tipi will comfortably accommodate 70 to 80 people seated at tables or 80 people standing (you can fit more for cocktail style events but this number – i.e. 80 –  takes into account stormy weather and the popularity of creating relaxed lounge areas in the tipis which take up considerable amounts of space). Multiple tipis can also be linked to create a large, stunning, bespoke event space. Please have a look at our Tipi Floor Plans on the "Tipi Floor Plans" page – this will help you visualize the configurations available and the guest numbers for each.


How long is the hire period?

The standard hire period is 3 days. We generally set the tipis up one day before your event for single tipis or two days before for double/triple tipi setups and take them down one or two days after. However, we are happy to extend the hire period if required. Same day set-ups are also possible if necessary. (Please note that if you require a set up and/or dismantle on a weekend or public holiday additional fees will apply to cover staff penalty rates). 


What happens if the weather is terrible?

Rain is never an issue, unless your site is at risk of flooding. If strong winds are forecast however, we may have to alter when we build the tipis and how the sides are configured. If this is the case we will liaise with you in order to determine the best schedule. (NB. For this reason, it is always a good idea to have a back-up site that is protected from the elements as “Plan B.”)


Are your tipis suitable to use in winter?

Yes, coupled with our open fireplaces or gas heating and with the sides lowered our tipis provide a gorgeous, cosy, bespoke wintertime event space!


What areas do you cover?

We provide tipis for events on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Surrounds.

Floral Installations

Floral installations can be hung from the peak (centre) of the tipi using one of our hauling ropes, which we will leave in place for you. All you need to do is make sure that the frame that you are hanging has ropes that come out from the corners and meet at a single central point. You will also need to anchor the structure horizontally to stop it from swinging. (Please see image at bottom of this page).



I would love to hire a tipi – what is the next step?

Please Contact Us and we will send you a booking form. Once completed, we will forward an invoice with deposit details so that you can officially secure the tipi/s for your celebrations! Hooray!!!

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