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Strong and totally weatherproof our tipis are the perfect option for outdoor events on the Sunshine Coast


Built To Withstand The Elements

Built to withstand the elements our genuine Nordic event tipis are tried and tested structures that have been used in the events industry world-wide for over 25+ years.


Our Nordic tipi canvas is strong and resistant to mould and fading and is totally waterproof. This ensures that our tipis always look amazing and that you will stay dry!


Our tipi poles are harvested from a specific species of Spruce that grows in a narrow band of latitudes of the far north of Scandinavia. This timber grows very slowly and it is this slow growth that gives the timber its strength and special properties. Additionally, the timber has been subjected to sophisticated laboratory tests – testing to destruction to determine its strength and flexibility. These figures are a crucial input into the 750 pages of structural calculations that have been carried out by structural engineers to determine the safe wind loadings in which our tipis can be used.


Unlike with many handmade, artisan marquees, light weight modern tents or cheaper copy-cat Nordic tipis that have just appeared on the rental market you can be confident that our genuine tipis will provide you and your guests with the safest and strongest protection from the elements when you need it most!

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