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Styling tips with…
Simply Style Co.

Simply Style Co is a Sunshine Coast based creative wedding company which specialises in hire and styling. Designing beautiful concepts, they love nothing more than bringing people together to gather and celebrate. Here their team share key tips on how to create a whimsical bohemian inspired wedding. 

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By definition, the term “bohemian” speaks of an unconventional lifestyle, one typically adopted by artists, musicians, writers and poets and those with spiritual connections. It’s not one specific style, but the freedom to imagine and create as you please. Considering this, remember your boho wedding or party can literally be anything you want it to be! However, there are some styling elements that are recognised as inately “bohemian”, and that’s what we’ll be discussing today. 

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The Boho Spectrum


Boho, as a style, is extremely versatile. Your boho wedding can be anything from earthy and organic to extremely high end and luxe. For boho spaces with all the relaxed vibes – think rattan, macramé, layered textures and all earthy tones. We’ve also styled bohemian weddings where classic luxury elements like champagne towers and tuxedos were included. Boho is a spectrum and your sweet spot could fall anywhere in-between.


Curate  the Space

Tipis are the ideal option for a boho wedding or event, because you can design your space completely from scratch. We usually recommend creating break out spaces for your guests to gather in smaller groups. Chill spaces with low-lying tables, plenty of cushions to relax on with cosy textures that make them feel instantly at home. The idea is to encourage various ways to interact.

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Wedding Tipi Marquee Hire Sunshine Coast


Boho Blooms

Flowers play a huge role in boho styling. Bringing in the beauty of the natural world in an unpretentious fashion is where it’s at. We love working with florists to come up with statement arrangements, such as a hanging installation or groups of arrangements in ceramic pots. A mix of preserved and fresh flowers is quintessentially boho.

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Boho Elements

Although the bohemian style is wide and varying there are some key elements you can use to make sure you’re hitting the brief. Rattan elements in your decor, teamed with macrame statement pieces give that earthy feel. Textured cushions and textiles layered throughout the space lean into the cosy, mismatched vibe the boho style is all about.

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Creative Team

Photographer | Artography & Mallory Sparkles

Styling | Simply Style Co

Florals | Heavenly Blooms

Giant Tipi & Giant Naked Tipi | By us!

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